Our Team

Traverse Builders, LLC was formed by two construction workers who shared a passion for taking care of people. Where we come from customer service is everything. You see we build because our passion is creating something for our clients and we don’t just mean the building or the product. We also mean the relationship that comes along with the journey.


verb: traverse; 3rd person present: traverses; past tense: traversed; past participle: traversed; gerund or present participle: traversing

  1. 1. travel across or through

Traverse Builders got its name because of this journey. Here at Traverse Builders we make it a point to find the solutions needed to create a successful project for all the parties involved.


Zach Beedle

Steve Brinkhuis

Brian Zwiep


– Donnie Starr – Structural Division

– Brent Topper – GC Division


– Francisco Galaviz

– Xavier Tarango

– Shane Starr

– Zack Troutt


– Tyler Triplett

– Martin Esparza

– Jason Whyte

– Irvin Grijalva

– Luis Arrieta

– Shayla Lamb

– Steven Chavez

– Roger Harrison

– Abel Alvarez

– Chris Roth

– Ross Fuchs

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